Krostag Tree Challenge

We are trying to complete the Krostag Tree for Generations 1 through 4.
Probably the biggest mystery we have encountered surrounds the family of (3) Joseph Krostag who lived in Pennsylvania and Florida and (2) Hulda Tetzlaff (Krostag) who lived in Milwuakee.
As of 2017 there are about 28 4th generaton Krostag family members still living - not counting their spouses.

Here some of the Tree Leaves we are still trying to figure out and document.

(2) John > (3) Joseph
Joseph and his second wife Mildred died in St Peterburg, Pinnelas County, Florida. How and where are they interred?

(2) John > (3) Joseph > (4)Evelyn
Joseph's daughter Evelyn Calabro settled in Brooklyn New York.
What year was her husband Born born? Where is he interred? Bronx, NY?
Evelyn was last known alive at age 96 in 2016.

(2) John > (3) Joseph > (4)Viola
How and where is Viola interred?
What was her husband's name and what years did he live. How and where is he interred?

(2) John > (3) Jack > (4)Kathleen (Kitty)
Kitty lived in Arizona. What year did she pass and where is she interred?

(2) John > (3) Jack > (4)Mary Ann
What is the first name of Mary Ann's husband Mr Hansen and what are his years ?
They had 1 son and 2 daughters. What are their names and years ?

(2) John > (3) John > (4)Loretta

Loretta married William Burrows and later married Oscar May. Where is William Interred ?

(2) John > (3) Peter > (4)Irene
What are the years for Irene's husband Robert Haller?

(2) John > (3) Peter > ?
How is Jane Margaret Krostag interred in Rummery Cemetery related

(2) John > (3) Frank > (4)Frank
What is the maiden name of Frank's wife Peggy Jo?

(2) John > (3) Arnold > (4)Betty
What are the years of Betty's first husband Melvin Knetter? How and where is her second husband Art Andrew interred ?

(2) John > (3) Fritz
What was the maiden name of Frtiz's wife Martha
They spent their last years in Mannheim, Germany and were most likely cremated.
The custom in Germany is to be cremated and buried in an anonymous grave with no headstone.

(2) William > (3) Joseph > (4) Katherine
How and where is her husband Wilbur Graham interred?

(2) William > (3) Clara > (4) Carol Ann
What is first name of her husband Mr. Hubel and what are his years? How and where is he interred?

(2) William > (3) Katherine > (4) Mary
What is first name of Mary's husband Mr. Hyde? What are his years ?

(2) Amelia > (3) Andrew > (4) ALL
Major hole here. Who are the spouses for Andrew's children and who are their children ?

(2) Edward > (3) Edward > (4) ALL
Correct information on 4th generaton birth years and their spouses

(2) Hulda
How and where were Paul and Hulda interred? They lived in Milwaukee WI when they died. According Pauls obituary he was cremated

(2) Hulda > (3) Edward
How and where were is Edward's wife Magda interred? She last lived in Los Angeles when she died in 1978.

(2) Hulda > (3) Ellen
How many children did Ellen have. According to Paul's Obituary he had 4 grandchildren.
Probably 3 since Edward had only 1 and Iola had 0.