Paul Luzetsky Family History

Paul and Mary Luzetsky

The Paul and Mary Luzetsky Family April, 1934
Seated L > R - Stephen, Paul, Margaret, Mary, Helen
Standing L > R - Charles, Anthony, John, Peter, Mary, Ann, Katherine
(Photo courtesy of LR)

     Paul Luzetsky immigrated to the United States in 1904.   He was the son of Joannes Luzecki, a farmer, and Carolina Rymec.   It so happened that his future wife Mary Chanitsky also immigrated to the United States in 1904.   Paul came from the Galicia region of eastern Europe.   Galicia was a provence north of the Carpathian Mountains.   In 1904 Galacia was controlled by the Austrian Empire.   In 1921, after World War I, Galicia was dissolved with the western portion becoming what is now southern Poland. The eastern portion became part of Ukraine.   The language of the eastern portion of Galicia is Ruthenian.   Today Ruthenians speaking people are refered to as Ukrainians. Ruthenian was actually a Austrian term for Ukrainian speaking people in Galicia.   Paul came from Luzok / Luzek Gorny on the Dniester river in middle portion of Galicia which is now part of Ukraine very close to the Polish border. From 1921 to 1939 Luzek Gorny was part of Poland.   Mary was a Slovak and came from present day Brezovica Slovakia.   Mary was the daughter of Stephen Charnitsky and Anna Brynyk.   Mary's father died in Europe but her mother Anna came to American and re-married John Samson.   Significant World War I fighthing occured in the western Galicia region.  Paul and Mary were very lucky to have left for America when they did.  

     The above explains why in the 1910 and 1920 Census Paul is listed as being from Austria and having a mother tongue of Ruthenian and then in the 1930 Census he lists his place of birth as Poland with a mother tongue of Ukranian.   In 1940 he again lists his place of birth as Austria.

See the below maps for a better understanding the Paul's Origin.

Galicia - part of the Austrian Empire - 1897

Luzek Gorny on 1910 Galicia Map

Languages of Europe - Ruthenian = Ukrainian

Present Day Map

     Paul immigrated to the United States from Luzek Gorny, Galicia, Austria to New York City via Trieste, Austria  (now Italy)  on the ship Laura.  He would have passed through Ellis Island which opened in 1892.   From there he went to the coal mining region of Northeastern Pennsylvania.   Paul first worked in a restaurant and then as a butcher in a grocery store owned by the Lukesh family in Swoyersville.   At the time, Mary Charnitsky worked as a domestic/housekeeper for the the Lukesh family.   Paul eventually met Mary and on August 7, 1906 they were married in Swoyersville.   Paul worked as a coal miner well into the 1930's and maintained a farm and farm stand in his later years.

Paul and Mary Luzetsky marriage record

     For some reason in 1928 Paul needed to obtain an Baptismal Witness from the Catholic Church in Luzek Gorny. Click on the following link for a PDF copy of the Baptismal Witness. The form is in Ukrainian and Latin while the handwriting is in Latin. Notice on the form that Paul's name is written as Paulus and the country as Republica: Polonia since Luzek Gorny was part of Poland at this time.

Paul Luzetsky Baptismal Witness from 1928

     See the below image and translation of the Parentes/Parents section of Paul's Baptismal Witness.
Notice that all women are referred to as "the daughter of".


Luzecki, farmer
in Luzek gorny
son of Gregori
Luzecki and Marie
daughter of Basilio Hodico.

Carolina Luzecki
daughter of Petri
Rymec , road
in Luzek gorny
and Wilhelminae
daughter of Konig

Present day Saint Paraskjevy / Paraskevi Greek Catholic Church in Luzek Gorny, Ukraine

Paul's Siblings Come To America

     While Paul's parents, Joannnes and Carolina Luzecki, and some of his siblings never came to America, 3 of his siblings, Alexander, Christnia, and Parachevia(sic) did.   However, in time Parachevia, went back to Europe.

     Alexander Luzetsky (1884-1964) immigrated to America in 1908 or 1909.   He was born May 15, 1884 according to his World War II draft registration.  Although according to his marriage license registration it was 1886 and his World War I registration it was May 16, 1885.   On July 15, 1911 he married Martha Yanyk / Yanick / Yonic in Edwardsville.   By 1920 the couple lived on Swoyer Street in Swoyersville and they had 5 children.   In the early 1920's the family moved to Chesapeake City, Cecil County, Maryland and by 1930 they had 10 children.   By 1940 they had a total of 13 children:
Anna, Justina, Mary, John, Michael, Paul, Steve, Peter, Nick, Margaret, William, Alexander, and Helen.
As of 2017 Margaret, William, and Helen are still living.

Martha, Alex, Justina, Anna - circa 1914
(Photo courtesy of LR)

Click on following link to view a PDF article about the Luzetsky Brothers military service by Robert Hazel in Cecil Soil Magazine
A Memorial Day Tribute to the Luzetsky Brothers

Click on the following link for Alex Luzetsky on Find A Grave
Alexander Luzetsky at Find A Grave

     Christina Luzetsky Lazar (1889-1952) immigrated to America in 1906 or 1907 to work as a housekeeper/domestic.   Soon after her arrival she married 27 year old Alex Lazar of Luzerne.  Their marraige license was issued on September 17, 1907 but the Reverend who married them never returned to sign the registary with the actual wedding date.  According to the Marriage License registration Christina was born May, 30 1885.   Making her 22 at the time of the marriage.   However subsequent Census information shows her to be born in 1889, making her only about 17 at the time of the wedding. Most likely she adjusted the date to make her of legal age.  In 1910 they were living in Luzerne on Oliver St and had one daughter.   Sadly they had also lost one child Nicholas by then.  Sometime before 1920 they moved to Miller street in Luzerne and lived there for manly years raising their family.   They eventually had 10 known children:
Annie, Nicholas, Michael, John, George, Mary, Margaret, Steven, Peter, Irene, and Helene.
As of 2017 Helene is still living.

Click on the following link for Christina Luzetsky Lazar on Find A Grave
Christina Luzetsky Lazar at Find A Grave

Mary's Siblings Come To America

More informaiton coming on Mary Charnitsky's relatives that came to America.

The Children of Paul and Mary Luzetsky
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John 1907-1982
Anna 1909-2002
Mary 1911-2004
Anthony 1913-1980
Katherine 1915-2015
Charles 1917-1997
Helen 1919-2010
Stephen 1923-2001
Margaret 1925-Living
Peter 1927-Living

1907 - 1982

The Story of John Luzetsky
More Information Coming

     John married Susan Gurchick of Edwardsville on October 27, 1929.   Initially the young couple lived with Susan's parents on Zerby Ave in Edwardsville.   John and Susan had 3 chilren, Marie 1932, Lorraine 1936, John 1939.   In 1940 they continued to live on Zerby Ave in a house shared with Susan's brother and his family.  The houses that they lived in on Zerby Ave are still there and in well kept condition.   In their later years. John and Susan moved to New Jersey and then to Florida.   Marie settled in Florida, Lorraine in New Jersey, and John in Georgia.  

John Luzetsky and Susan Gurchick wedding October 27, 1929
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John Luzetsky and family circa 1941
(Photo Courtesy of LR)

John Joseph Luzetsky Jr. wedding to Jean circa 1960. John's sister Lorraine is maid of honor.
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Four Generations of Luzetsky - Paul, John, John, and John.
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Marie Eck and family circa 1961
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Four generations of Luzetsky - John, John, J, and O.
(Photo Courtesy of JL)

Luzetsky family.
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The Story of Anna Malenky
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     Michael Malenky and Anna Luzetsky were Married November 21, 1927 in Swoyersville.   Michael worked as a miner.   In 1930 they rented an apartment on Grove St Pringle with their daughter Marie.  By 1940 the family had grown and they rented a home on Railroad Street in Swoyersville.  Anna and Michael had 5 children Marie 1928, Anna 1930, Jean Ann 1933, Michael 1938, John 1941.  In the late 1940's Michael abandoned his family.   In the early 1950's Anna moved to CA with Jean Ann, Michael and John to be near her daughter Marie who had already moved there.   Daughter Ann stayed in Pennsylvania where she married Fred Swensson and for a time ran a hotel in the Poconos and they later retired in FL.   Marie and Jean Ann stayed in CA while Michael moved to CO and John to OR.

Malenky Family 1934 Ann and Michael with Marie, Anna, and Jean Ann.
(Photo Courtesy of KV)

1911 - 2004

The Story of Mary Krostag

     Anthony Krostag was born on the family farm in Stratford Wisconsin August 15, 1906.   He grew up living on the farm.   Anthony went to visit his oldest brother Joseph in Pennsylvania in the winter of 1927-1928.   We are not sure of what prompted the visit to Joe.  Joe was friends with John Luzetsky.   Joe and John had a business together for mating birds.  On one occasion Joe brought Tony to the Luzetsky residence on Main Street in Swoyersville.   There Tony met John's younger sister Mary.   Things must have went pretty well because Tony stayed in PA and by May 1, 1928 Tony and Mary were married.  They soon settled at Harveys Lake where Tony opened his first barber shop and also operated a small store. Tony and Mary lost there first son who died in the womb in November 1928 and their second son one day after his birth in November 1929.  Their son Robert was born in December 1930.   Soon after they had a daughter named Dorothy in 1932.  Another girl Catherine was born in 1933 but she only lived for 6 months.   As the depression wore on they lost the lease on their property and in 1939 they moved to Bridgeport CT to get jobs during WW II.   Tony worked at Remington Arms and cut hair part time. Mary worked at Sikorsky as a rivitor. After a while, Tony was able to buy the Barber Shop he worked at.  Many of Mary's brothers and sisters also moved to Connecticut where most of them stayed the rest of their lives.   In 1940 Tony and Mary had another child Lorraine.   Finally in 1947 after the war ended Tony and Mary moved the family back to Swoyersville to help Mary's parents with their farm and store.   By 1950 the store was turned into Tony's Barber Shop.   Tony ran the shop for almost 30 years until he took ill in 1977.   During this time Mary worked at General Cigar and then Consolidated Cigar until they closed in the late 1960's.   She then worked at Nesbitt Hospital until she retired in 1980.   The house on Main Street in Swoyersville became the gathering place for the Krostag family in Pennsylvania.   A large grape arbor out back gave the house a European feel and provided plenty of shade.  After Mary's parents died, Tony and Mary purchased the home and kept it in the family for almost 70 years.   They have 8 grandchildren, 19 great grandchildren and at last count 6 great great grandchildren.  

Anthony Krostag and Mary Luzetsky Wedding May 1, 1928
(Photo Courtesy of LR)

Anthony Krostag and Mary Luzetsky Wedding May 1, 1928
Mary's brother John is the best man
(Photo Courtesy of LR)

Mary Luzetsky and Anthony Krostag Family 1940s
(Photo Courtesy of PK)

Mary Luzetsky and Anthony Krostag Family 1961
(Photo Courtesy of PK)

1913 - 1980

The Story of Anthony Luzetsky
More Information Coming.

Anthony Luzetsky
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1915 - 2015

The Story of Katherine Andrasko
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     Katherine Luzetsky married Joseph Andrasko of Larksville on April 21, 1934.   By 1935 they had a daughter Helen when the family moved to Connecticut.   By 1940 that family had grown to 4 children and they lived on Putnam St in Bridgeport CT.   The family eventually grew to 8 children.   Helen, Mary Ann, Paul, Francis, Joe, Dan, Kathy, and Steve.   Sadly two of their children, Mary Ann and Joe Jr. were lost at a young age.   Joseph passed in 1998 while Katherine lived until the age of 99.9 in 2015.

Katherine Luzetsky and Joseph Andrasko (couple on the left) - married April 21, 1934
(Photo Courtesy of LR)

The Andrasko Children circa 1945
Front L>R Francis, Paul - Back L>R Helen, Joe Jr. Mary Ann
(Photo Courtesy of LR)

1917 - 1997

The Story of Charles Luzetsky
More Information Coming.

Charles Luzetsky married Gladys Fleischman of Nazareth PA on May 17, 1941
Charles and Gladys settled in Stratford CT.
They had three children - Charles, Donald, and Ann.

Charles Luzetsky and Gladys Fleischman (couple on the right) married May 17, 1941
Charles' sister Helen was Maid of Honor
(Photo Courtesy of LR)

Luzetsky family members gather to celebrate the 100th birthday of Gladys
(Photo Courtesy of JD)

1919 - 2010

The Story of Helen Bovino
More Information Coming.

Helen Luzetsky married Albert Bovino on August 10, 1946
They settled in Milford Connecticut and had two sons, Richard and Alan.

Helen Luzetsky and Albert Bovino wedding August 10, 1946

(Photo Courtesy of LR)

1923 - 2001

The Story of Stephen Luzetsky
More Information Coming.

Received a B.A. from St. Procopius College Seminary in 1942.
Ordained priest on May 28, 1950.
Served in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Illinois until retiring in 1984.
Founded and directed Hazleton Area Christ the King District Holy Name Society.
Also served as chaplain to the K of C in Hazleton.

Stephen Luzetsky

(Photo Courtesy of PK)

1925 - Alive and well

Story of Margaret Kolojejchick
More Information Coming.

Margaret Luzetsky married Leonard Kolojejchick June 18th, 1949
They settled in Swoyersville and had nine children.
Leonard passed away on July 5, 1977.
Maragaret's family eventually grew to 24 grandchildren and at last count 12 great grandchilren.
Margaret married Walter Palmer on May 18th, 1996

The Paul and Mary Luzetsky and Family, June 18, 1949 at the wedding of their daughter Margaret
(Photo courtesy of LR)

Maragret and Walter with Maragret's family 2007
(Photo courtesy of LR)

1927 - Alive and well

The Story of Peter Luzetsky
More Information Coming.

Peter like his siblings Mary, Katherine, Charles, and Helen made his way to Connecticut seeking work during the depression and World War II.
Peter Luzetsky married Virginia Barbara Zelensky June 10, 1951
They settled in Fairfield Connecticut and had three daughters
They have 7 grandchildren and at last count 9 great grandchildren

Peter Luzetsky and Virginia Zelensky (couple in middle) wedding June 10, 1951
Peter's nephew Robert was the best man

(Photo Courtesy of LR)

More Paul Luzetsky Family Photos

The Paul and Mary Luzetsky Family with Spouses and Grandchildren April, 1934
(Photo courtesy of KV)

The Paul and Mary Luzetsky Family 1961. Gathered for their 55th Wedding Anniversary
(Photo courtesy of PK)

The Paul and Mary Luzetsky Family 1961. Gathered for their 55th Wedding Anniversary
(Photo courtesy of PK)
Click on following link to view a PDF with a key to all persons in the above photo
Luzetsky Family 1961

The Luzetsky Family Reunion 1990. During the late 1980's and 1990's annual reunions were held in Connecticut.
(Photo courtesy of PK)

Early 2000's Four remaining Luzetsky children with 2 spouses and a nephew
(Photo courtesy of PK)

Final Resting Place of Paul and Mary Luzetsky

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