Central Oregon

Breaking Trail

San Luis Obispo Cycling

Zags at the Final Four Phoenix

Astoria Column

San Luis Obispo Cycling

I'm Thirsty

Post Ride Beer

Post Ride Beer - Solera Brewery, Parkdale, Oregon

On the Tualatin River

Bethel Woods

Bug Lady

Niagra Falls

AAA Tour Begins

Rain Out in Rhode Island

We cannot tell a lie

Cousins in Milford

Great Uncle Pete

Waiting here in Allentown



Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs

Colorado Sky Sox

Concrete Canoe National Championships - Evergreen Colorado

The Rowers


The Perkins Clan

Family Fireplace

Portland Fireworks

A 100th Birthday Party

Lunch Break - San Juan Islands, Washington

Open Course Croquet - San Juan Islands, Washington

Fire Wave - Valley of Fire, Nevada

Zion National Park - The Subway

Bryce Canyon

Monument Valley

A Camel ?

White Pocket, Arizona

White Pocket, Arizona

White Pocket, Arizona

Canyon X - Arizona

High School Reunion Warm Up - Lake Silkworth, Pennsylvania